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3 Tips for Taking Your Bearded Dragon Outside

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3 Tips for Taking your Bearded Dragon Outside

bearded dragon outside

There's no denying it. We love our bearded dragons. Which is why we put so much care and attention into making sure their habitat is ultra safe.  But did you know that bearded dragons love going outside?  The sunlight is great for them, the sense of adventure, and the open freedom help stimulate their nervous system and muscle groups.
But taking bearded dragons outside isn't without their risks.  Here are three considerations every bearded dragon owner should take before taking their ferocious dragon outside.

1. Make sure that shade is always available. 

The animal will be able to suit itself that way.  Temps that are above 90 in the shade should be avoided because an overheated beardie may not be able to cool off quickly enough.  If there is a breeze, temps 92 are OK.  Humidity should be considered as well.  Too dry, 15% and below, will make him uncomfortable long term, over 70% will make the day seem hotter than it is.  Temps below 70 in the shade are not quite warm enough to keep the beardie happy.

2. They should never, ever be left unattended. 

Not only can they scurry away (beardie's can run 9 miles an hour when they want to.)  but they may hide or get into other trouble.  Other pets at liberty should be monitored closely to avoid playtime injuries.  And owners should keep an eye on the sky.  Some keepers have lost their pets to hungry hawks (Red-tailed hawks are particularly fond of snakes and lizards.)

3. Avoid wild bugs

Although beardies can be allowed to snatch the occasional bug, they should be encouraged to dine on plants.  A few wild-caught bugs won't have so many parasites that the pet's health is compromised, but too many could be a problem.  The owner should be very aware of any chemicals sprayed on the plants within the last 10 days.  Round-Up will sicken the pet.  Commercial fertilizers in pelleted form that are consumed are even more deadly.


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