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Popular Pet Care Guides

We love our pets.  And caring for them requires the proper equipment, feed schedule and habitats.  And not all pets need the same love and attention.  So here are some in-depth care guides, written by zoologists and herpetologists, on how to care for our beloved pets.  

These articles will discuss:

  • Basic facts
  • Habitat Set up - temperature, lighting, tanks
  • Feeding Schedules - what type of food and how often
  • Cleaning - how often to clean your pet's habitat, and pet

And if you're looking for reviews, here are some articles on commonly used equipment for your reptiles and amphibians:

Pet Care Guides

bearded dragon care guide

Bearded Dragon Care Guide

Bearded dragons are the most popular reptile pet in America.  The come from Australia, are people friendly, unique, and can live up to 20 years with proper care.  

Ball Python Care Guide

Ball Python Care Guide

Ball pythons are docile, and don't mind being handled.  They're great reptile pets, but have specific needs to ensure their health and happiness.

blue tongue skink care guide

Blue Tongue Skink Care Guide

Blue tongue skinks are docile pets, that are generally easy to care for.  They prefer low terrariums, with a lot of ground space, and shouldn't be kept with other skinks.  

corn snake care guide

Corn snake care guide.

Corn snakes are the most popular snake pet in America.  They are curious snakes, and enjoy being handled, making them a nice pet for anyone interested in learning about snakes.  

crested gecko care guide

Crested Gecko Care Guide

Crested geckos have suction cups on the ends of their toes, making them great climbers.  So be sure to get a vertical habitat with lots of things to climb on.

leopard gecko care guide

Leopard Gecko Care Guide

Leopard geckos are the 2nd most popular reptile pet in America.  Their relatively easy to care for.  But their habitats should be kept clean or else they can easily get infections.

pixie frog care guide

 Pixie Frog Care Guide

Pixie frogs are shit-machines.  And they're not very friendly.  If you want a grumpy pet, then pixie frogs might be the perfect blog for you.