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Unboxing Discoid Roaches - VIDEO

What are Discoid Roaches?

Discoid roaches are a highly nutritious, soft-bodied, low-chitin feeder insect for your beloved bearded dragon, leopard gecko, or other insect-munching friend.  They naturally live in tropical environments, and prefer dark, humid, and hot environments. 

Scientifically known as Blaberus discoidales, these roaches are one of the few roaches that are legal in the state of Florida. Florida residents know all too well that the popular dubia roaches are outlawed in their state.  But they can sleep peacefully, knowing that discoid roaches are an excellent alternative.

Bullet-Point Benefits of Discoid Roaches

  • No Odor - unlike crickets, discoid roaches have no odor
  • Easy maintenance - because they don't stink (unlike crickets), discoid roaches don't require bedding material in their housing tubs
  • Terrible Climbers - Housing them in your mother's Rubbermaid container is the perfect environment.  They cannot climb plastic or glass surfaces, and will remain in the tub.
  • They don't fly - Discoid roaches less than 1" in length don't have wings.  And the only time they will get wings is when they become adults.  
  • Faster than dubia roaches - Discoids are often compared to dubia roaches.  But they are faster, and can trigger your pets natural attack mode.

Yes!  Aside from their excellent nutritional value, discoid roaches are excellent feeders because they are legal in the state of Florida.  Florida are denied the honor of feeding dubia roaches to their beautiful reptiles.  But they can offer the same nutritional value with discoid roaches, without the fear of introducing an invasive species in the ecosystem.

What is the Nutritional Value of Discoid Roaches?

  Moisture (%) Protein (%) Fat (%) Fiber (%) Calcium (mg/kg) Phosphorus (%)
Discoid Roaches 61 35 7 2 ?? ??
Dubia Roaches 61 23 7 2.9 800 2,600
Superworms 58 20 18 3 177 2,370
Crickets 70 20 7 3 407 2,950
Pinhead Crickets 77 15 3 2 275 2,520
Phoenix Worms 61 18 14 3 9,340 3,560

Discoid roaches are a lean feeder, comparable to crickets.  But what makes them a superior feeder is that they offer a higher amount of calcium.  Calcium is important because it helps prevent metabolic bone disease, a terminal disease that affects many reptiles who do not receive a proper amount of calcium and vitamin D.  Although studies have yet to confirm the actual amount, it is generally believed that discoid roaches offer a similar amount of calcium as dubia roaches.  Which is twice the amount you'll get from crickets.  

Additionally, they have less chitin compared to crickets.  Chitin is the hard, fibrous material (usually an insect's exoskeleton), that is difficult for many reptiles to digest.  The more chitin an insect has, the more likely a reptile can suffer from impaction (which is why mealworms aren't recommended for bearded dragons).  

And not only do they offer less chitin, they also offer more meat.  This meat means your reptile pet can be satisfied faster, needing less insects (which is why we can offer small quantities of 25 and 50).  

How do Discoid Roaches differ from Dubia Roaches?

Discoid roaches and dubia roaches are more similar than different.  Which means that you really can't go wrong with either roach.  However, discoid roaches have a few key advantages that you may want to consider if you're trying to decide between both discoid and dubia roaches.

Discoids Have Higher Moisture Content

Discoid roaches have a slightly higher moisture content than dubias.  Moisture content may not sound like a big deal.  But if your pet suffers, or is likely to suffer, from impaction, then you'll want a feeder with higher moisture content.  Because these are easier insects for them to pass.

Discoids Have Higher Protein Content

Everyone knows how important protein is for growing pets.  And yes, both dubias and discoids have an excellent amount of lean protein.  But discoids do have more protein than dubias.  So if your young bearded dragon or leopard gecko is growing quickly, you'll want to offer them as much protein as they can get.

Discoids have a better Calcium-to-Phosphorus Ratio

Every reptile own knows that calcium is critical for every reptile.  And if you don't know this, then you better learn why calcium is critical for reptiles.  Both dubias and discoid roaches offer a decent amount of caclium.  But what makes discoid roaches so appealing is that they have less amount of phosphorus.  Phosphorus pretty much neutralizes the positive affects that reptiles need from calcium.  So even if your feeder insect has a surplus of calcium, it won't do any good if there's an equal amount of phosphorus in its body.   

What size Discoid Roaches should I order?

discoid roach sizes

The rule of thumb of thumb is that your feeders should be equal to the distance between your pets eyes.  So before you choose your discoid roach, get a measurement of how much space your pet has between her eyes.  This may sound silly, but is important.  Oversized feeders and discoid roaches can cause problems during ingestion, that could lead to death.  So please select the proper size discoid roach.

How do you ship Discoid Roaches?

We ship discoid roaches from our Florida facility.  We package quantities of 25 or 50 in deli cups.  And we ship them with the post office using Priority Mail.

How to Store Discoid Roaches?

Storying them is easy.  Just keep them in the container they are shipped in.  They prefer hot temperatures, and will love you if you keep them at 90-95 degrees F.  However, they are usually breeding temperatures.  For storing them as feeders, you can keep them at about 75 degrees F.  

They are packaged with a fresh piece of vegetable.  That vegetable acts as both a food source, and hydration.  All you need to do is keep an eye on the vegetables.  And when the vegetables disappear, you'll need to replace it with more vegetables.  

Should I Gut-Load these Discoid Roaches?

Yes.  Discoid roaches are scavengers by nature, and will eat almost anything.  But, since you're using that as feeders, you want them to be offered a wonderful diet of healthy vegetation.  Which is why it's important to gut-load your discoid roaches for a minimum of 24 hours with fresh vegetables and grains.  This way, when your bearded dragon eats these tasty discoid roaches, they'll benefit from the additional nutrition.

Should I Dust my Discoid Roaches?

Yes.  It's good practice to dust all your feeder insects with vitamin D3.  Even though discoid roaches provide a decent amount of calcium, you'll still want to dust them.  The process is simple.  Put some dubia roaches in a plastic, zip-lock bag.  Add a table spoon of vitamin D3/calcium dust into the bag.  Then blow up the bag like a balloon.  Then gently shake the bag, so the dust coats the discoid roaches.  Then introduce the roaches to your beloved pet, so they can enjoy a nutritious meal.   

Winter Shipping Policy

  1. We will not ship when Destination Temps are below 25 Degrees F              
  2. Live Delivery is Not Guaranteed when Destination Temps are below 45 Degrees F

If you are ordering crickets, superworms, or any other live product during the winter, you need to be realistic: we’re trying to ship a live product through sub 30 degree temperatures affordably.

We take extra measures during the winter to try and increase their chances of survival.  However, history has proven that customers are 4x more likely to receive perished crickets when shipped in the winter.  This is fact.

Shipping in the winter has always been our biggest challenge.  And every other crickets vendor has the same problem.  No one wants to send you dead crickets. We want to provide you with excellent service, because we know you care about your pet. But the reality is we can’t control the weather. And there’s only so much packaging we can do before we have to increase our costs.

We still have success shipping in the winter.  

If you decide to order for a winter delivery, here's what you can do on your end to ensure you receive happy, healthy live products:

  • You MUST be home to accept the delivery.  The live product cannot be left outside in the freezing temperatures, or it's certain they won't survive. 
  • If we ship with the Post Office, we highly highly highly recommend that you communicate with your post office.  And that you ask them to hold the package for pick up.  
  • If there is a problem, we must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the live product.


Dead crickets or superworms don't do you (the customer), or us (the cricket grower) any good.  So let's work together to ensure your live product survives the transit.  

We can only ship Live Products on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

We want to get your products delivered quickly just as badly as you do.  But the reality is that shipping live products isn't the easiest task.  And that means we have to be disciplined and strategic when we ship.  Otherwise, there's an increased probability that perished crickets will show up on your doorstep.  And that doesn't do any good for the customer or shipper.

We Ship with The Post Office and with FedEx

We ship with the post office for a few reasons.

  1. They keep their packages inside their climate controlled buildings.  This is a game changer.  Instead of leaving the packages out on a dock, they are brought inside the building.  Which can drastically increase the survival rate for the crickets and superworms.
  2. They Deliver on Saturdays. Since they deliver on Saturdays, we're able to ship on Wednesdays.  Most packages are delivered within 2-3 business days.  So if we ship on Wednesday, that 2-3 day window falls in the same week, which avoids any Sunday transit delays.
  3. Cost Effective. And one reason why we're able to keep our prices so low is because we use the post office.  USPS Priority mail is a great, and reasonable priced service.  And any savings we gain, we pass right back to the customer.  

The post office is our preferred shipper.  But depending on your proximity & time of year, we may upgrade your shipping service to FedEx for these reasons:

  1. The Post Office is unreliably slow during holidays.  The drawback with the post office they don't guarantee delivery dates.  They will advertise 2-3 days for their Priority Mail shipments.  However, the don't guarantee you package will arrive in 2-3 days.  And this becomes painfully obvious during the holidays, specifically between Black Friday and New Years.  Which puts us in a tough spot because our preferred shipper with climate controlled facilities is no longer dependable.  So we'll ship with FedEx for this reason.
  2. Faster Shipping/Shorter Transits.  Faster shipping and shorter transits have obvious benefits.  The live product will get delivered faster, and in a preferred habitat.  And FedEx does guarantee their delivery dates, which is beneficial for the customer.  

Unfavorable Climates

Temperatures are a big consideration when packaging and shipping live products.  And at any time, we may decide to postpone deliveries if we feel the live product will not survive the transit.  If that is the case, we will make our best effort to contact the customer so that can make other arrangements if desired.  

But if the temperatures are too cold, we can package the crickets with heat packs.  And if they are too hot, we can package them with cold gel packs.  

But either way, we need to keep a close eye on the weather when we get into the extremes.  So please keep that in mind when expecting deliveries.