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Roll Up Them Sleeves & Get Elbo Deep!

The term "roll up your sleeves" is a way of life on our critter farm.  From digging in the dirt, to slinging chicken manure for our red worms, to preventing crickets from turning into cannibals, we are always shoulder deep in something messy.  But it's something that we've been doing for generations.  And it's something that comes natural.  We're down to earth people that enjoy the creatures that crawl and squirm, and we enjoy the company of any one that respects the fruit of their labor. 

Crickets for Sale

crickets for sale

The clean crickets that we raise and sell are some of the happiest, healthiest, heartiest snacks on the internet.  We raise them in Florida and Pennsylniva on home grown oranges and vegetation.  This food source provides them with the best hydration and nutrition that growing crickets require.  And not only does it keep them healthy at home, it makes them stronger and more tolerant to traveling across country.  So you can expect healthy and lively crickets when they arrive to your home, all to benefit your bearded dragon diet, leopard gecko, or any other type of reptile or amphibian you're caring for.

Our crickets are the Acheta domesticus.  And since I'm sure none of you know what that means, they are colloquially known as the house cricket.  We raise them in healthy environments, routinely rotating their bedding and environment to maintain sanitation, so that your pet gecko or dragon will have the healthiest food sources available.

Crickets are prolific breeders.  And raising them in the proper environment can yield great results, so long as you're actually trying to raise crickets.  If crickets are breeding in your home without your permission, you man need to call an exterminator.  Or let your bearded dragon out of her cage.

But overall, between our clean facilities, fast shipping, dedicated customer support, free shipping, and live delivery guarantee, we're confident that you'll find The Critter Depot to be one of the best places to buy crickets online.

Superworms for Sale 

bat eating superworm

We love our super worms.  They are cuddly, squirmy, joyful, and full of good humor.  And in addition to their great personality, they are also full of protein.  Which makes them a great feeder choice for many of your reptile friends.  

Our super worms are raised in a similar setting as our crickets.  We grow them on our Florida farm, and feed them the same nutritional fruits from the sunshine state.  But although they are full of protein, they area also a very fatty critter.  These guys might be better served as a weekly snack food.  Unlike the lean cricket, the nutritional composition of a superworm can make your pet over weight.  And since they're already caged up, it's not easy for them to maintain an exercise routine.  So although we love the super worms, we still recommend using crickets as a routine feeder.

One common misconception to keep in mind is that superworms should not be refrigerated.  Although they are similar to mealworms, and even come from the same genus, it's important to know that they should not be raised in the same fashion.  Basically, putting your superworms in the refrigerator will not do them well, unlike mealworms.  

Black Soldier Fly Larva

back soldier fly larva for sale

Black soldier fly larva are some of the most beneficial critters you can feed your pets.  We raise them because they are a diverse snack that can also offer a nutritional boost for any diet.  They are also known as phoenix worms, rept worms, or calciworms.  But no matter what they're known as, let it be known that they are an excellent source of food for your pet.

Without further ado, welcome to our website, and let us know how we can help you!