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These Reptile Tanks Are Perfect Habitats for Your Beloved Pets

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Your beloved, kooky pet deserves a home that will provide the resources they need, at affordable prices for you.  We here are 5 of the most popular reptile tanks to help you house your friend. 

Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Zilla Vertical Starter Kit With Lightiner Carolina Custom Large Cage Exo Terra Short Glass Container Exo Terra Crested Gecko Starter Kit
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#1.This All Glass Terrarium from Exo Terra Will Put Your Pet on Full Display

Give your favorite critters a new home with this Exo Terra glass terrarium. Ideal for a wide range of amphibians and reptiles, this terrarium features the bells and whistles your pets need, whether you’re keeping bearded dragons or Oriental fire-bellied toads. This terrarium was designed by European herpatologists, so you can count on its smart features to help you create the ideal natural habitat for pet frogs, lizards, snakes, and crickets.

Versatile Environment

A fixed-front extra-high window on the front of this Exo Terra glass terrarium makes it a versatile option for a wide variety of niche habitats. Take advantage of this design to add thick substrate layers for burrowing reptiles or to expand with a reptile den or aquatic parts. The roomy interior gives you loads of space for customization options, including heat wave rocks, waterfalls, and water dishes. Choose from 12 different sizes to get the right fit for your pet.

Easy Access

Dual access doors on the front of this Exo Terra glass terrarium make it easy to set up and maintain your pet’s environment and makes feeding time more efficient. Open the doors simultaneously or one at a time for cleaning, decorating and other tasks. The doors have a special locking mechanism to ensure your pets don’t scurry or slither off.

Optimal Ventilation

A full-screen top ensures your Exo Terra glass terrarium is fully ventilated while allowing infrared and UVB penetration for superior climate control. The screen has locks to keep it securely in place and keep pets and feeder insects safely inside.

Innovative Construction

Glass construction makes this terrarium durable and tough enough to withstand years of use. Glass also provides an ideal barrier to keep the temperature just right for your setup, whether you’re creating a dry, arid environment or a cooler, rain-forest-inspired habitat. The terrarium’s raised bottom frame allows plenty of clearance for a substrate heater or the installation of a heat cable, allowing for more compact installation and more efficient heater use. This design allows you to keep the entire bottom of the terrarium ventilated, so your pet’s habitat stays at the right temperature and cold and hot spots are eliminated.

Smart Background

This Exo Terra glass terrarium has a natural-looking rock background, making it an easy fit with Exo Terra’s accessory line. This rock background also provides pets with an extra climbing surface and adds to the terrarium’s true-to-life experience for your critters. Channels along the background with five tube inlets give you the room you need to run cords or tubes without cluttering up the realistic look of your pet’s home.

#2.This Vertical Starter Pack is The Perfect Reptile Tank Set Up

Keep your amphibian or reptile happy and healthy inside this Zilla vertical starter kit with lighting. Specially created for tree-dwelling arboreal exotics, from frilled dragons to longtail lizards, tomato frogs and gargoyle geckos, this starter kit helps you recreate the humidity and heat that these reptiles normally get in the steaming jungles they call home.

Easy Setup

Everything you need to create an ideal habitat for your pet is included in this Zilla vertical starting kit, so your animal gets the best living environment possible, right from the start. From the terrarium itself down to the coconut husk bedding, you get everything in one box to make your critter happy.

Quick Access

The top and front of this terrarium have hinged doors, so you can quickly get inside to decorate, clean and feed your pet the delicious superworms they desire. Both doors lock, and a locking pin on the front door adds another level of security, ensuring your pet doesn’t scurry off.

Humidity and Temperature Control

This terrarium is all about making your animal feel at home. Its thick glass bottom holds up to 5 inches of water to more readily create the tropical forest environment native to a range of species. A humidity and temperature gauge lets you quickly judge the parameters of your pet’s environment to ensure he is never too cold or too hot, and the screened top also helps you control the climate while adding fresh air for your pet. Glass construction helps with temperature control, ensuring your eyelash crested gecko or Pacman frog is always comfortable.

Efficient Lighting

An included mini halogen dome comes with a halogen bulb and is sized compactly to fit the terrarium perfectly, allowing for pinpointed heat and light that’s more efficient than the common incandescent bulbs used in other models.

Customizable Design

The terrarium’s size allows for easy customization too; just add additional climbing surfaces and décor to suit your preference. Create a temperature gradient within your tank that lets your reptiles get toasty warm beneath the heat before retreating to a cool-down area when desired. An optional heating mat helps to control temperature and provides a continual source of heat on the terrarium’s bottom. Use the terrarium on its own, or pair it with a compatible pedestal stand to get a better view of your pet inside.

Kit includes: terrarium, textured background, glass front-opening door, front locking latch, locking pin, hinged screen top, mini halogen dome and bulb, feeding dish, coconut bedding, temperature and humidity gauge, and easy set-up guide.

#3.And This Tank Is For Our Larger Reptile Friends

There's nothing more head-banging than trying to construct an impossible-to-construct cage.  And luckily, these Carolina Cages don't present any of those challenges.  With YouTube videos, and easy setup guides, it won't take long to get your new home established.  

The basin of the tank is 4" deep, and waterproof.  So this will not only serve reptiles, but amphibians too, if you need to provide an aquatic habitat.  

And there are many sizes available.  They range from simply medium, to tall medium, to large and tall large.  So no matter the size of your pet, or the type of living conditions you need to provide, there's a great chance you'll find the right reptile tank that fits your needs.  

And these tanks aren't only well designed and durable, but they offer an all glass, dual swing door.  This will make it easy to access the inside of the cage, without having to remove the light setup that's placed on top.  And the doors can be locked for additional security.  So there's no worrying about your pet, or their food-on-the-move escaping.  

But not only will it provide easy access, but as an admiring owner, you can observe your pet as he or she adjusts to his new living conditions.  

#4.This Short Glass Terrarium is A Great Tank for Medium Sized Reptiles & Amphabians

Exo Terra makes a variety of sizes for their glass habitats and cages.  And these habitats, similar to the Carolina Cages, come with a lockable dual-swing door.  This dual swing door can give the pet owner easy access to their beloved snake or bearded dragon.  And in case you have anything that might try to escape, like feeder crickets, then it's satisfying to know that these doors can lock.  And even if you need to pad lock them, that option is available.  

But another great benefit of the front faced entrance is that multiple tanks can be stacked on top one another.  You'll need to install some spacers.  But a majority of the enclosed ventilation will come from the air vents beneath the swing doors.  So with a stackable system, you can know that adequate air flow is being supplied to your pet.  

But the same conditions apply.  There's a 4" water-proof basin.  So this tank will support an aquatic habitat, as well as a dry habitat.  

And no matter the size of your pet, Exo Terra offers a plethora of sizes, to accomodate any type of reptile or amphibian.  So don't get discouraged if you find the incorrect size.  A little more searching will discover the proper tank quickly.  

#5.Crested Geckos Can Get Ahead in Life With This Specialty Tank

Crested geckos are a beautiful variety of the gecko family.  And they can benefit greatly from the pre-designed dual swing door reptile tanks.  And this starter pack is advertised for crested geckos.  But in reality, this can be a great starter kit for any reptile, including bearded dragons and leopard geckos.

This unit comes with thermometer, hygrometer, foam bark looking backing, climbing ornament with watering holes and attached artificial plant and plantation soil base.  And all these will help create an ideal set up for your beloved pet.  

In conclusion...

Finding the right habitat for your beloved pet can cost time and money.  However, it should be time and money well spent, knowing that the correct decision can have a strong influence on the happiness and quality of life for your bearded dragon or leopard gecko.  And know that there are more tanks and terrariums than what's presented here.  So in case these top 5 reptiles tanks don't fit your needs, then consider shopping around for some different styles or sizes.  Because it's more important to find the right habitat, than finding one recommended by a silly blogger.  


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