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Clam Bake Your Reptile Tank with These Reptile Foggers

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A Reptile Fogger Can Improve Your Pet's Home and Quality of Life

Unlike what the title implies, we're not actually clam baking your pet's habitat.  And even though your ganja soaked mind may get a kick out of the idea, it can actually cause harm to your beloved pet.  Certain reptiles and amphibians require high humidity levels.  These high humidity levels will improve the homes, which is why it's important that you find a fogger or mister for your chameleon, chinese water dragons, snakes, geckos, and other fun and exotic pets.  So a reptile fogger is a great way to reach those high humidity levels in each tank.

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High humidity is a biological necessity for many amphibians and reptiles.  And even if you're trying to raise your own crickets, this fogger can benefit that hobby as well.  But no matter what animal you're rearing, fulfilling these needs with a reptile fogger will help you avoid skin shedding problems, respiratory issues. and dehydration. 

Leopard geckos are some of the most popular reptile pets in the world.  And although they're commonly thought of living in the desert, a leopard gecko's habitat will require 40%-60% humidity. If their humidity level gets below this range, then significant problems can occur when shedding skin.  The skin can shrink, and cut off circulation around the toes, which can cause limbs to die and fall off.  And no owner wants to see their beloved pet go through such horror.

And some might find it a spray bottle to be a simple solution.  But when you have to maintain that humidity level daily, while dwelling in hot climates, then simply misting with a spray bottle may be in adequate.  

Additionally, crested geckos require humidity levels of 50% or more.  And just like their cousins, catastrophic things can occur if their habitat gets below that range.  So it's always important to accommodate your reptile foggers with plenty of humidity gauges.  

And although we're here to discuss some of the better reptile foggers and humidifiers on the market, it's also recommended to look into a hygrometers, which will let you know the humidity level for your terrarium or reptile tank.   But without further ado, here are 5 of the top selling reptile humidifiers and foggers on the market. 

#1. Evergreen Reptile Humidifier

 Evergreen's reptile humidifier and fogger has a lot of automatic features that makes fogging your tank pretty safe and easy.  First, this 2 liter tank comes with a no-spill valve.  This makes this ideal when having to refill the reservior.  But if you have set for the low setting, then your refills could occur as little as 4-5 days.  And obviously that variation would increase with an increased fog output.  

But one nice safety feature is that Evergreen's reptile fogger will automatically shut off when it's used up all the water.   This prevents the motor from overrunning, decreasing the chances of an electrical fire.  Electrical fires are already unlikely, but the auto shut-off makes it even more unlikely.  Which is excellent for your chinese water dragons, geckos, chameleons, and other reptile and amphibious pets.  

But one of the nicest features is the adjustable hose.  With a corrugated structure, this hose can expand to as far as 5 feet, or collapse to as little as 1.5 feet.  So whether you're trying to fog a terrarium, vivarium, reptile tank, or any other type of humidity-needing enclosure, you can have an easier time planning your set up with the versitility of Evergreen's Reptile fogger.

#2. Deep Jungle Fogger

Blue Spotted's Deep Jungle Fogger is a functional fogger the can easily operate within the comfort of your own home.  It's ultrasonic design, and fanless system, allows this device to operate without sound.  Which makes it ideal for any room in a home.  And it reduces the chances of inducing stress upon your chinese water dragon, chameleon, or leopard gecko.

But not only is it non-invasive for a domestic environment, it's also simple to use.  It's hose can expand or collapse to any desired length.  This allows the pet owner the freedom to position the fogger anywhere in the room, knowing that it will have the capacity to reach the reptile tank.  

Blue Spotted's Deep Jungle Reptile Fogger also has a spill resistant tank.  So when it comes time to remove and replace the tank, you can do it knowing it's unlikely any water will be spilled all over your valueless possessions.  

#3. Exo Terra Spray Bottle

The Exo Terra Spray Bottle is a very well built spray bottle.  And even though that's not an amazing accomplishment, it's still nice to know it shouldn't fall apart after 1 use.  

But it's important to note that this is a mister, and not a fogger.  So it's not going to make your reptile tank look like its inhabited by Snoop Dog.  But, one feature it will do is mist your tank.  Misting is an acceptable way to add humidity to the environment.  But if you're pet isn't used to mist, then it could disturb it more than fog.

But the trade off is that the mister is much less expensive than a fogger.  It doesn't require electricity or a hose.  And it's much more basic.  It's so basic, you'll wonder why you bought this for $10, when you could have bought a spray bottle for $1 at Walmart.  But if the THC ever leaves your system, you might be able to acknowledge this distinction on your own.  

#4. Zoo Med Reptile Fogger

And here we have another reptile fogger!  But this time is the Zoo Med reptile fogger.  And like the other foggers, it's fanless, ultrasonic, and easy to set up.  But by looking at the frog's face in that video, you can see this easily gets the its approval.  

But with the adjustable knob, the pet owner can control how much fog enters into the tank.  This helps keep a constant fog stream to maintain your pet's happiness.  

And for anyone with a large terrarium or tank, the hose is adjustable and collapsible.  So you can stretch it as far as necessary.  And, just like the other foggers, Zoo Med comes with an automatic shut off when the reservoir runs out of water.  So there's no need to be paranoid about burning out the motor.  

Overall, Zoo Med makes a typical reptile fogger, just like the other ones.  

#5. Coospider Reptile Fogger 

The Coospider Reptile Fogger is ideal for a variety of reptiles and amphibians. Its tank provides a high output of cool mist, and it’s easy to use so setup is a breeze. The machine is turned on and off with the simple push of a button, and a LED light indicator lets you know when the power is on. Control the mist output with a dial on the front of the tank, so your pet receives the recommended amount of mist and humidity control for its needs in order to keep it healthy so it lives a long life. Power up the machine by easily inserting its two-pronged cord into any power outlet.

High Volume Fog Output

The Coospider Reptile Fogger provides up to 380 mL/hr of output of cool mist, contributing to climate control inside your reptile or amphibian’s terrarium or screen cage. The fogger helps control humidity throughout the day, so you can always rest assured that your pet’s climate is controlled and the air inside the terrarium stays fresh.

Cool Mist Tech

This reptile fogger’s cool mist technology works by misting your pet’s habitat with cool, natural fog, which helps humidify your reptile or amphibian so it remains in good health.

Large Tank and Hose

This reptile fogger’s large tank holds up to 1 gallon of water, so you won’t have to keep refilling it throughout the day. A large hose makes it easy to reach the inside of your pet’s terrarium or screen cage. A sturdy flange connection connects the hose with the machine, so you never have to worry about it disconnecting. The machine is crafted from high quality materials, so you can rest assured that it will provide consistent climate control for your reptile’s habitat for years to come.

Fit-Well Design

The components of this machine are well fitted so you never have to worry about parts detaching while in use. This also makes it easy for you to put the machine together. A well-fitted cap and hose keeps the hose attached tightly to the tank; a well-fitted tank keeps it tightly attached to the machine, allowing it to produce an optimum cool mist output.

Automatic Shut Off

The automatic shut off feature turns the humidifier off when water levels get too low. This helps ensures the machine’s long lifespan and durability, as well as protects your pet from subpar climate control.

In conclusion... 

most of these reptile foggers and humidifiers are the same.  They offer the same functions and the same benefits.  And one doesn't necessarily have the leg up over the other.  However, each one does offer a different price.  And each one does come with a varity of positive and negative reviews.  So it if you'r really finicky, it might be worth weeding through the reviews to verify which fogger might actually provide the best service.  


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