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Composting Worms For Sale

Worm Composting - What is it?

Worm composting is called vermicomposting.  It is when you add worms to your composting bin, to accelerate the decomposing process of your waste.  Without worms, compost piles rely on microorganisms like bacteria to break down the material.  This can take months or years to generate amazing organic compost.  Worms will accelerate this process, by breaking down the material, and excreting it into worm castings.  

Why should I vermicompost instead of traditional composting?

Decaying material breaks down naturally.  You don't need to add black soldier fly larvae to your composting bin.  But, there are many reasons why you should add them.  First, it speeds up the process.  Black soldier fly larvae will produce their body weight in compost every day.  This makes them extremely efficient at breaking down decaying material.  In a traditional compost, material up to 2 months just to break down.  But then will need an additional month before it can actually be used in a garden.  

Black soldier fly larvae compost is also loaded with alot more nutrients.  Phosphorus, nitrogen,  and many other critical nutrients can be found in your vermicompost compared to traditional compost.

And the biggest benefit of composting with black soldier fly larvae is that they will eat practically all decomposable material, include meat, dairy, and citrus.  These products will often be the kiss of death for red worms, which makes them inferior composters compared to the black soldier fly larvae.

Which Composting Worms Should I Buy?

We recommend using our black soldier fly larva as your composting worms (or sometimes referred to as composting grubs).  Black soldier fly larvae will eat nearly anything.  This includes, meat, dairy, eggs, citrus, spicy foods, and every other decaying material, and break it down into amazing, nitrogen rich, organic fertilizer.  

There are a variety of other composting worms on the market, but many of those traditional worms have limitations.  Red worms are picky eaters, and can often run out of their bins if the perfect setting isn't created.  Here is an indepth article we wrote comparing BSFL to red worms.  But to summarize, red worms cannot eat or break down the following:

  • Red worms cannot decompose meat, eggs, or dairy
  • Red worms cannot decompose spicy foods such as turmeric or paprika
  • Red worms cannot decompose citrus foods like oranges, lemons, or limes
  • Red worms cannot decompose animal waste because of high amonia

These are some serious limitations.  Nearly everyone eats, meat, dairy, and citrus.  But who wants to pick through their trash just to accommodate the picky appetites of red worms?   

Black Solder Fly Larvae Eats Chick-fil-a Sandwich

What makes black soldier fly larva amazing composting worms is that they will eat nearly anything.  Here is a video of them devouring a Chick-fil-a sandwich:

composting worms eat meat

This benefit of eating more food is that your composting worms can yield a higher volume of worm castings, which will benefit your garden in the long run.

How to Make a Worm Composting Bin

Because black soldier fly larvae are not picky, it's relatively easy to create their compost bin.  All you really need is a pile of food scraps.  You can attempt to maintain that pile in a bin, or just in an isolated area in your yard.  Either way, BSFL are so voracious, they will remain with the decaying food.

It's not hard to build their own composting bin.  But, if you want to try and collect the grubs for your bearded dragon or chickens, then there's a specific way to build out their bin.  Here's our step by step guide on how to build a composting bin with black soldier fly larvae.

Where Can I Buy Compost Worms?

You can buy BSFL from our store.  We ship them Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and guarantee live delivery.  We sell (3) different sizes.  But for starting a compost bin, we recommend the small black soldier fly larvae to start.  

Worm Castings

Benefits of Worm Castings

Worm castings is the reason why people compost with worms.  Worm castings are high in nitrogen, which means they are an amazing fertilizer for lawns and gardens.  We wrote this in-depth guide on the why BSFL worm castings are so vital for your garden, and all the nutrients they add.  

Where Can I Buy Worm Castings?

Dealing with wiggly grubs and worms isn't ideal for everyone.  But you can still buy worm castings without having to go through the hassle of setting up your own worm compost bin, and buying the worms.  

We offer worm castings in bulk and ship them year round.  You can buy worms castings here in a variety of sizes.