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Superworms For Sale - Free Shipping

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Here's A Tutorial Video on What To Do After Receiving Superworms in the Mail

Superworms For Sale - Free Shipping

Superworms are one of the heartiest sources of pet food for your gecko, bearded dragon, and any other beloved pet.  They provide excellent fat, fiber, and calcium, which makes them a perfect snack to supplement a healthy, green diet. 

They're typically anywhere between 1 inch to 2 inches, and almost as thick as a #2 pencil.  They're pretty active, and can grab the attention of any hungry pet.  They're naturally large, and aren't given growth hormones.  Their life span is about 1 year, from egg to beetle.  

They're often mistaken for mealworms, due to similar, yet larger, appearances.  However, they are the Zophobas morio species, which is in the darkling beetle family, making them a relative to the mealworm.

How To House Superworms

Firstly, DO NOT refrigerate your superworms.  They cold will harm them.  But housing superworms is similar to house crickets.  Here are the steps to get your superworm colony started:

  1. Get a plastic container - For a box of 500 or 1000 superworms, a plastic container the size of a shoebox is adequate size.  If you have more, then just grab a 2nd container of equal dimensions.
  2. Bedding Material - Unlike crickets, superworms will require bedding material.  Bran or oatmeal is perfect medium, as it will provide them the food source they require.  
  3. Moisture - And just live all living things, they require hydration.  But not from a dish.  The best source of hydration will be through some potato slices, or some carrots, or any other type of vegetable.  The vegetable will also help gut-load them, offering more nutritional value for your beloved pet.

And once their home is ready, you'll need to store them indoors, between 70 to 80 degrees F.  

Superworm Maintenance

Maintenance is fairly simple.  Firstly, you'll want to make sure they always have a source of moisture.  This won't be a bowl of water, similar to crickets.  Instead, this will be some potato slices, or some carrots.  And keep an eye on their bedding material.  The superworms will eat the bedding material, which is great.  However, they excrete it into a sandy, fine dust.  This is their poop.  And just like anything, they can't live in it.  So make sure you change it out periodically.  

We can only ship Live Products on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

We want to get your products delivered quickly just as badly as you do.  But the reality is that shipping live products isn't the easiest task.  And that means we have to be disciplined and strategic when we ship.  Otherwise, there's an increased probability that perished crickets will show up on your doorstep.  And that doesn't do any good for the customer or shipper.

We Ship with The Post Office

We ship with the post office for a few reasons.

  1. They keep their packages inside their climate controlled buildings.  This is a game changer.  Instead of leaving the packages out on a dock, they are brought inside the building.  Which can drastically increase the survival rate for the crickets and superworms.
  2. They Deliver on Saturdays. Since they deliver on Saturdays, we're able to ship on Wednesdays.  Most packages are delivered within 2-3 business days.  So if we ship on Wednesday, that 2-3 day window falls in the same week, which avoids any Sunday transit delays.
  3. Cost Effective. And one reason why we're able to keep our prices so low is because we use the post office.  USPS Priority mail is a great, and reasonable priced service.  And any savings we gain, we pass right back to the customer.  

The post office is our preferred shipper.  However, if you'd like to receive the package through FedEx, or UPS, we can accommodate that request.  But it was accrue additional shipping fees.  

Hot and Cold Temperatures

Temperatures are a big consideration when packaging and shipping live products.  And at any time, we may decide to postpone deliveries if we feel the live product will not survive the transit.  If that is the case, we will make our best effort to contact the customer so that can make other arrangements if desired.  

But if the temperatures are too cold, we can package the crickets with heat packs.  And if they are too hot, we can package them with cold gel packs.  

But either way, we need to keep a close eye on the weather when we get into the extremes.  So please keep that in mind when expecting deliveries.