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Crickets for Sale / Superworms for Sale / Black Soldier Fly Larva For Sale

Finding the perfect live feeders for your bearded dragon, leopard gecko, and other pets is a challenging task.  And when you're sifting through various crickets for sale, superworms for sale, or any other types of feeders for sale, it can be a big undertaking.  Between all the crickets, red wigglers, superworms, and others, it's difficult to know which feeder is the best to supply to your favorite pet.  So here's a break down on the benefits for each type of feeder.

Buy Crickets Online

Live crickets are some of the tastiest, healthiest, and most nutritionally beneficial feeders that can be fed to your favorite pets.  A cricket is 60% protein, and 12% fiber, which makes them nutritionally dense.  So buying feeder crickets is certainly a viable consideration when searching for the perfect feeder for your pet.

But although they are packed with nutritional benefits that growing herps need, they do have their draw backs.  And the biggest one is their chitin.  The chitin is the cricket's exoskeleton.  And although this chitin comes packed with nutritional fiber, it can cause some ingestion issues.  

Additionally, the house cricket, which is the one we offer, may bite.  Now, these bite marks aren't too dangerous, and typically don't cause any long term damage or harm.  But if they bite too hard, it can cause in infection in your pet.  But these is a very unlikely situation.  But one that should be looked for. 

We offer every cricket size, in any quantities.  But that may leave each user more confused than comforted.  And that's because you might not know what size cricket will serve your scaly friend the best.  And the answer is right inbetween their eyes.  What we're saying is that the distance between their eyes is the general size your feeder crickets should be.  Anything too large can threaten their safety.  And anything too small might be too difficult for them to catch.  So use the distance between their eyes as a gauge for how large the feeders should be, whether they are crickets or super worms. 

Superworms For Sale

superworms for sale

Superworms are some of the most desirable feeders for all pets.  They are tasty, squirmy, plumb, full of salty fat, and bloated with healthy protein.  But although they are highly preferred by most herps, they're nutritional value isn't as potent compared to crickets.

Firstly, they are very very fatty.  Fatty feeders are perfect for herp mothers.  However, for all other pets, they can cause your pet to gain unnecessary weight.  And when you consider their habitat, it's difficult to see where they can get the necessary exercise to burn that excess fat off.

Additional problems stem from the excessive amount of phosphorus in their diet.  Phosphorus has a problem of neutralizing calcium.  But unfortunately, the superworms don't have enough calcium to combat the phosphorus, which can lead to cardio vascular disease.  

So knowing this, superworms are still an excellent source of food.  However, although they are an excellent source because of their protein, they should be limited to your favorite pet.

And even though superworms are a great food choice, and buying them might be the easiest option, it's not too difficult to raise your own super worms.  They metamorph through a 6-cycle growth stage.  And you can raise them in bran.  And as long as they have their temperature they need, and the proper environment, raising them isn't too challenging or time consuming.  And you can easily feed your beloved pet. 

Black Soldier Fly Larva

black soldier fly larva for sale

Black soldier fly larva are pretty similar to superworms.  They are loaded with fat and protein, but they should be consumed in moderation.  Their excess fat can cause your pet to become overweight.  And it's only exacerbated due to the lack of room in their habitat.  

But just like superworms, they are an excellent snack, in moderation.  

But overall, the all herps need a healthy balance of protein (supplied by feeders), mixed with greens and vegetation.  So be sure to include leafy vegetables, as well as carrots and other greens to benefit their diet.