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These Reptile Heating Pads Will Give Your Beloved Pet Much Needed Comfort

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Reptiles Need The Heat.  So Here Are 5 of The Best Selling Heating Pads, and other Heat Sources, That Will Keep Their Cold Blood Pumping

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All reptiles are cold blooded.  What this means is that they cannot regulate their own body temperature like warm blooded animals (such as mammals).  This is why they are only found in hot environments such as deserts.  

But your house probably isn't a desert.  Which is why you'll need to consider a constant source of heat for your beloved reptile pet.  

And there are a variety of heat sources available:  

  • Heat mats
  • heat lamps
  • ceramic bulbs
  • heat inducing products. 

Each one can be utilized in different scenarios depending on what best suits your pet's needs.  

We think it's important to note that if you're beloved pet is a bearded dragon, you'll want to try and avoid using a heat mat.  The simple reason is because bearded dragons can't gauge the heat from their bellies.  Which means if they park on a heat mat, they won't know they're over heating, and can potentially burn themselves.  So when caring for your bearded dragon, please be aware that they need the heat to come from above in the form of a ceramic bulb, or lamp, which we'll discuss down below.  

So whether you're trying to breed your own crickets, or provide comfort for your beloved pet, any of these 5 heating products may suite your pet's needs.  

And read beyond our top 5 reptile heat mats to see the differences between using one of these heating alternatives.  

#1.iPower Digital Heat Mat

Attach the iPower digital heat thermostat controller to your iPower heat mat to easily warm up the inside of your reptile or amphibians terrarium or screen cage. This controller is a cinch to operate and its digital controller enables you to control the environment for your pet in colder or warmer clients. The iPower controller is professionally reliable so you know you can always count on it to control the climate for your pet.

Easy to Use

The iPower digital heat thermostat controller is simple to use, so you can easily control the temperature inside your pet’s terrarium. Two temperature adjust buttons allow you to raise or decrease the temperature of your heat mat, and a SET button makes it easy to determine whether the temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The heating light lights up to let you know that the output is working, and the power light alerts you that it’s turned on, so there’s never any question whether your beloved reptile is receiving the heat it requires to stay healthy.


The iPower digital heat thermostat controller can be employed for a variety of uses, making it a versatile product. In addition to controlling the climate inside your reptile’s terrarium or a small pet enclosure, this controller can also be used to provide optimum temperatures for plants, seedlings, cuttings, and even makes for a great heating source when raising crickets.  But, it's also used for maintaining the desired temperature for fermentation for home brewing uses.

Temperature Range

With a temperature range between 40 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit, or 5 to 42 degrees Celsius, this thermostat controller ensures that your beloved reptile pet’s terrarium receives the recommended heat output provided by your iPower heat  mat. Never worry again about whether your pet’s terrarium is too hot or cold, as the digital display lets you plainly see the temperature. You can rest easy about your pet’s climate knowing that iPower is a brand you can trust.

Technical Specifications

This digital heat thermostat controller boasts 120 Volts/8.3 Max Amps/60 HZ/1000 Watts of power, ensuring that your iPower heat mat remains consistently heated. Easily plug it in to your heat mat to provide the optimal temperature for your pet’s climate. LED illuminated indicator lights notify you that the controller is on so there’s never any question about whether or not your pet’s terrarium is being heated. A three-prong grounded plug makes this controller easy to operate from any three-pronged outlet.


#2.Exo Terra Heat Mat

The Exo Terra Heat mat is one of the most popular heat mats on the market.  And it's not due to good advertising.  This heat mat can bend and fold to fit the specific size of your pet's tank.  

But not only does it practically have zero limitations for where it can be installed, it's also easy to clean.  And since health and sanitation is a key indicator to maintaining the health and happiness of your pets, knowing that these can be easily cleaned is a great reason to consider adding it to your habitat.  

One drawback is that these don't come a thermostat.  So if you don't want your house or pet bursting in flames, then consider adding a thermostat to the shopping cart.  It's only safe practice to ensure the heat doesn't get too hot for your pet.  

#3.Zilla Reptile Heat Pad

Zoo Med's under tank heater is a great way to provide primary or secondary heat for your beloved pet.  But before you get to zany, know that this should not be used with aquariums, and it can only be used on class reptile tanks and terrariums.

Mounting Beneath the Tank

If your goal is to mount the heating pad beneath the tank, make sure it's not resting on any carpet, plastic, fabric, towels, or anything else that can catch fire.  Remember, we want to avoid fires!  If possible, place the tank on an open top stand.

reptile heating pad burns table

Remove that wax cover, and press the adhesive side of the heating pad to the bottom of the tank.  Be sure to rub the mat hard to remove any bubbles.  

Then add the rubber feet to the corners of the tank.  This will raise the tank high enough to allow the electric cord to run beneath the tank.  And it will also encourage air flow to help dissipate the heat from the source.  

And be mindful of your substrate.  Don't use paper towels, newspaper, crushed walnut shells, and corncob bedding should be avoided due to their combustible nature.    

#4.Omaykey Ceramic Heat Lamps

Many pet stores will display reptile bulbs.  These are decent methods to heat your reptile tank.  But the bulbs can be costly.  And they also display a concentrated amount of light that can cause irregular sleep patterns for both your pet, and anyone else that might be sleeping in the room.

So these ceramic bulbs are an excellent alternative.  Firstly, they are normally less expensive than standard UV bulbs.  This is great for obvious reasons.  

But another nice feature is that they don't emit any type of light.  Too much light can cause irregular sleep patterns for your beloved pets, and anyone else that may be occupying the room (or enclosure if you really love your pet).  So these ceramic bulbs eliminate any type of light, and only supply heat.  

But one drawback is that it's difficult to identify when the ceramic bulb is hot.  It doesn't glow or vibrate like your adult toys.  Instead, a hot ceramic bulb will look exactly like a cold ceramic bulb.  So just approach with caution, because you'll never know if it's hot or not without touching it.  

#5.TetraFauna Aquatic Reptile Heater

For many of you bearded dragon owners, it may come as a surprise that aquatic turtles have a preferred water temperature.  And upon learning this fact, it may come as another surprise to learn that these there is a specific aquatic heater that fits their needs.  And that's the TetraFauna Aquatic turtle heater.  

Unlike other heaters, the Tetra Fauna heater is enclosed with a protective plastic housing unit.  Turtles can get a little feisty underwater, like a pair of sweaty testicles in a jock strap.  And with all that bouncing around, things are bound to break.  Which is why this plastic housing unit is so vital.

But not only is it less likely to break, there's also a a predetermined temperature set for each unit.  This simplifies the introduction.  So there is no thermostat to set, nor temperature timer to twist.  

Overall, the TetraFauna is a well designed device, that's certain to make your life easier, by providing a more comfortable experience for your pet.  

In conclusion...

no matter what reptile you have, you'll have to provide heat for their comfort.  And in some cases, you'll need to offer some sort of heating element for amphibians too.  But no matter which type of pet you're caring for, it's good to take the necessary steps to ensure they're receiving the adequate heat they need.

And to help you choose the proper heat, it's also a great idea to have some type of pet thermometer on hand.  This will help you determine how hot or cold their enclosure is. 

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  • Thank you for the information. I got a larger tank, larger heat lamp and larger watt 150 bulb, but I also got a sand mat. My question is that the heater mat I use under the sand mat , under the glass, should be ok and won’t burn the bearded dragon lizard when I shut off the heat lamp at night. Right? I took out the green mat, and replaced it with a sand mat.

    Debora DeBerardinis on

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