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General Information Regarding Cheap Feeder Crickets

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Some of our most beloved pets, including reptiles, creatures of land and water and birds, can greatly benefit from a high-protein cricket meal.  Pets and animals that feed off crickets are provided with a solid living. The nourishment that live crickets provide, specifically proteins, vitamins, and minerals, expand the health of our awesome pets. 

Live insects can also offer protein to humans. they can be ground into bread, flour, noodles, baked goods and rolls, or they can be consumed whole.  Additionally shrimp, scorpion, ground dwelling insect and goldfish can benefit from live feeder crickets.

They are handled to be clean and free from parasitic bugs. Their cleanliness serves as a vital role in your pets overall health.  Our crickets offer great health benefits, while most cricket breeders don't take the precautions or create the appropriate infrastructure to support the sanitation that the crickets prefer.   


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