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Big Crickets Or Little Crickets - Which is The Better Serving?

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Your bug-hungry pet may always have an appetite.  But there's a preferred size for his favorite insects.

It may seem obvious that your bearded dragon or leopard gecko will want the fattest, juiciest red wigglers or crickets or mealworms.  However, that's not always the case. 

Basically, it is possible to offer them something that is too big.  Consider this: if you're sitting at a restaurant with a big appetite, you probably think you could eat 3 steaks.  However, if you tried shoving all that food in your mouth, you'll cause yourself more harm than good.

Don't Buy Too Big Crickets

And your pets are the same way.  So when considering which size feeder crickets you want to target, the rule of thumb is that the crickets or mealworms should be the same size as the space between their eyes.  

So if your bearded dragon has 1/2" between his eyes, then you'll want to order the 1/2" size feeder crickets.  

And the same goes with mealworms, phoenix worms, and many other small feeding insects.  

So remember, although you might think your cute and cuddly reptile has a mighty appetite, know that they don't know what's in their best interest.  So it's beneficial to get them some crickets, mealworms, worms, and other insects that can adequately fit into their stomach.  

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  • I’m considering ordering crickets from y’all but all I know from buying them from Petco and PetSmart are that they are smalls. I have a male and female pair of juvenile veiled chameleons. Any advice on size to order would be helpful

    Cory on

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