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Crickets Like The Heat

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Whether you're raising crickets, or housing them, always know that your feeder crickets enjoy the heat.

We have a plethora of crickets for sale.  But what they might be used for is a different story.  Some people use them to feed their bearded dragons or leopard geckos.  And this is probably the most common.

But other people may also use them to grind into cricket flour.  If you're been reading up on the most popular health trends, then you'll see that crickets are making a strong guest appearance.  Basically, due to their excessive amount of protein, and the small amount of food, water, and land they require when compared to cows, crickets are proving to be a vital and excellent source of protein.

And that source doesn't only have to benefit pets.  People and humans are taking advantage of these health benefits, but freezing live crickets, and grinding their poor, helpless bodies into find flour.  Which is then used to cook other foods that people like to eat.  

So that's just a small preview on the many uses of crickets.

But to cover the topic of discussion, crickets like hot temperatures.  

So there's many reasons why you might choose to fill an atrium or plastic container with crickets.  But regardless of your intentions, keeping them alive is certainly an objective.  And the best way to sustain their life, aside from water and food, is to make sure they have the appropriate temperature settings.

And the appropriate temperature setting is about 80 degrees F.  

Now, for many northerners, this may prove challenging.  However, it isn't impossible.  Remember, one of the many benefits of crickets is that they require very little space.  So although maintaining 80 degrees might be challenging, that challenge gets refined when the user can restrict the area for that desired temperature.  

So regardless of why you're rearing crickets, do so knowing that 80 degrees F is your target temperature for a happy cricket colony.  

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  • Thanks :)
    I bought crickets to feed to my centipede, but ended liking them and their chirring so much that I now keep them in a separate heated terrarium. Absolutely love the sound.

    AM Swanepoel on

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