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Equine Vet Near Me

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Here's A List of Equine Veterinarian Near You

Here's How To Select the Equine Veterinarian Near Me

Equine veterinarians have special training compared to small animal vets.  So it's important to find an equine vet, with the proper training, so that you can provide your horse with a quality life they deserve.  

But where how can I find one of these specialty trained vets?  And what questions should I ask them to determine if they are the best vet available?  These are reasonable concerns, but we'll offer some guidance on where you can start.

Where to Find an Equine Vet Near Me?

The best place to start is by asking friends and acquaintances.  Ask your closest friends which local vet they use for their horse.  And if your friends aren't in the horse trade, then consider asking your trainer, or even someone at the horse feed store.  You may not be buddy-buddy with your feed store clerk.  But they do see plenty of other horse owners every day.  Which means they could be an excellent source for local horse veterinarians.    

If you're new in town, and you just don't have enough faith in anyone's references, then there's always Google, or you can search through our site for the closest equine vet near me.  

But know that there's plenty of options when it comes time to choose a vet.  But just make sure you take the time to choose the equine veterinarian before you have an emergency.  You don't want to be introducing yourself at 2am on a Sunday morning with a horse problem.  

Important Questions to Ask an Equine Veterinarian

After you spend some time researching, you'll find out there are a handful of equine veterinarians near me.  Just like you don't marry the first person you jump in bed with, you don't necessarily commit to the first vet you meet.  Veterinarians come with range of experience, costs, terms, and availability.  And all of these are critical in deciding which equine vet to select.  So here are some basic, first-impression questions you should be asking:

  • How long have you been working in the area?  
  • Do you have any references?
  • What are you fees?  Do you send a bill, or expect payment after the visit?
  • Do you have a facility?  Or are you a mobile veterinarian?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Are you a solo practitioner?  Or do you work in a group?
  • How available are you when I have an emergency at 2AM?

This is a good start.  And knowing the veterinarians availability is critical information.  It's impossible to know what emergencies might happen, and when they'll happen.  But what happens when your pregnant Mare has complications during labor at 1am?  When this situation presents itself, it'll be nice having a vet that willingly answers their phone in the middle of the night.

But as you start talking, more questions are bound to grow in your mind. And all of these questions questions will help you determine which equine vet near me can provide the service that you're looking for for your beloved horse.

Your Equine Vet Should Be An Excellent Communicator

 The equine veterinarian near you should have the accolades, and the referrals.  But one more important skill they need to display is their ability to communicate.  All medical fields are laced with dense discourse, and complicated jargon.  And unless you're in that field of work, it's most likely impossible to comprehend what they're actually saying.

So when you're questioning the vet, listen in between the statements, and actually determine if the vet is able to express complex thoughts in simple terms.  If a vet can't easily communicate what's going on with your horse, then it's just going to increase the challenge to care for your horse.  So make sure the equine vet is capable of expressing complex thoughts into simple terms, so that you can help your horse.  


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