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Ordering Live Crickets On The Internet

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Internet Critters

You can find nearly anything on the internet.  From thermometers, to epoxy flooring contractors, to fence contractors, all the way to cricket breeders.  And that's what we specialize in; breeding crickets.

Our cricket operations has been in business longer than many of us can remember.  And before we even had the opportunity to sell crickets through the world wide web, we were slinging crickets through local flea markets and offering them to pet stores.  

But there's a reason we don't do that any more.  And it's because we're able to provide better service and crickets through the mail.

But how can you ship crickets through the mail?

I know what you're thinking; live crickets and the post office?  It instantly sounds like the worst relationship since the dawn of mankind.  But believe it or not, as long as you provide the crickets with a satisfactory temporary environment, and as long as you adhere to the Post Office's requests, the two opposing forces are actually a well made unity.

Firstly, you'll need to make sure the crickets can survive the transit.  This means that you need to offer them enough food for a 2-4 day cycle.  Crickets food doesn't typically require much.  They can eat some grain or potatoes.  So we like to toss in a few potato slices.  This is where they get their carbs and water.  

But in addition to the nutritional needs, they need proper air flow.  When a single cricket perishes, there's practically no odor for a human to detect.  But when a 500 batch of crickets perishes, then there's a pretty haneous odor.  And that odor has been known to upset a few customers and postal carriers.  

So to help prevent this situation, we use screened boxes.  These screened boxes allow excellent air flow through the box.  This air flow not only helps protect the cricket from over heating, it allows the air to continuously cycle through their box.  Providing them with fresh air.  

But now that the crickets are happy, it's time to please the grumpy postal carriers.  And the most common way to appease them is to properly label the box.  A box containing live animals needs to say "Perishable: Live Product."

As long as it says this, then you'll pass their first inspection.  The 2nd test is to make sure the crickets are shipped with USPS Priority mail.  And this is a big deal.  You're not allowed to send the live animals through the economy carrier.  Because that increases the cricket's chances of dying during the transit.  And the post office knows this.  Which is why they demand the Priority mail service for the live products.

But that is why we no longer sell crickets from a physical store.  We make sure the crickets are given the proper handling and care, to ensure that they survive the transit.  And we work closely with the post office to ensure that the crickets are handled properly, with the proper care that they'll require, so that they arrive to the customer in a safe condition.  


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