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Worm Castings For Sale - The Benefits Of Worm Castings Lowes

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Worm Castings For Sale - The Benefits of Worm Castings

But If you’re into vermicomposting, you might only know that the worm waste you’re producing and harvesting is really good for your plants. Thankfully, this isn’t an unscientific assertion, and there’s plenty of measurable benefits to these worm castings which might surprise you. These benefits include both nutrients and a few other surprising factors which you might not have even thought of.

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Worm Casting Nutrients

Worm castings, on paper, might not look to be an ideal fertilizer. The key to their place in almost any successful gardening venture lies in the fact that these nutrients are extremely available in water-soluble forms once excreted, thus allowing your plants to soak them up with an amazing amount of ease.

A general profile will look like this as far as macronutrients are concerned:

Organic Carbon- 27%

Total Potassium- .4%

Total Nitrogen- .6%

Total Phosphate- 2%

As you can see, the macronutrient numbers usually seen in fertilizers don’t look super promising here, but they’re readily bioavailable for your plants. They also contain readily available micronutrients for your plants, if you were paying attention you realized that those percentages certainly didn’t add up to 100% after all. The actual composition of your own castings will vary, depending on what you’ve been feeding your wriggling friends.

Included in these nutrients will be all of the vital minerals and nutrients your plants need, including calcium, copper, zinc, cobalt, and pretty much anything else required to make for healthy metabolic processes in your plants as well as the soil itself.

Some people have reported having to supplement magnesium in a different way, however. You may be able to counter this by feeding a lot of dark leafy greens yourself, but it’s currently unknown if it’s simply something the worms don’t do properly.

These vital micronutrients can be overlooked at times in favor of macronutrients used in synthetic fertilizers. These chemical compositions can actually harm your plants if sprayed directly on them, and aren’t always healthy for you, your pets, or your children to be around. Worm castings, on the other hand, are one hundred percent safe for anyone or anything that might come into contact with them, and they make a superior choice for pretty much any gardener, organic or not.

Fringe Benefits

There’s also a couple of fringe benefits to castings, which you might overlook normally. They contain a lot of beneficial bacteria, as well as “fixing” heavy metals which will keep plants from absorbing too much of them and releasing them into your food. While the law of conservation of mass means they can’t actually remove them, they can be reduced in amounts in your food if you plant your vegetables in a significant amount of castings.

Using Worm Castings

There’s a number of different ways that you can use this valuable fertilizer to your benefit. The easiest is to simply mix it in your soil or sprinkle if over the base of your plants like you would with any other organic fertilizer. The latter isn’t exactly efficient, though, so if you want to get the benefits to your plant’s roots, there’s actually a really simple way to do it.

Since the majority of the nutrients which are passed through the worms are in a water soluble form, you can soak a few handfuls in water and then pour the mixture over your plants in order to inundate the soil with it and get things right to the root of the matter. Consider using distilled water in order to maximize the amount of solute within the solution, as well as avoiding harmful chemicals like chlorine. With this valuable technique, all of the plants in your yard or garden can enjoy the amazing amount of nutrients from this valuable, natural fertilizer.


Worm castings contain more nutrients, in a more readily available form than almost any fertilizer out there. While they can be a bit low in macronutrients such as nitrogen, these are available in a safe form that your plants will use immediately. If you’re not already using castings in your garden, you might want to ask yourself why you aren’t. They can make a poor garden good, and a good garden great with almost no effort at all.


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