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Well we know who the cheapskates are...

Just kidding! :)

Frugal living is smart living.  And we're no different.  The other night, my wife and I were driving to the local hoedown for some finger food and pop, until I realized I needed some air in the tires.  Well, rather than stop at the fuel station that charges $0.50 for air, I drove a few miles down the road for the FREE air.  It was a very thrilling evening.

We buy generic, we buy used, we shop at yard sales, and we stand behind every parsimonious decision, because we believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned.  

So here's what we're offering...

If you have a blog, website, Youtube Channel, or any other type of populated media, I'm willing to give you FREE crickets, red worms, euro nightcrawlers, or mealworms, if you offer to use that product in your populated media.  

If interested, send us an email at contact@thecritterdepot.com.  Tell us your media source, and intentions, and I'll review it with my hogs, and reply within 24 hours.  

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!