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The value of High Quality Crickets

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High Quality Crickets

For reptile owners and chicken keepers, buying crickets online can be a rudimentary process.  But, when you start to purchase an abundance, it starts to make sense that you should breed your own. 

While some believe raising crickets is easy, that couldn't be further from the truth. There's a variety of different factors that manipulate the growth rate of crickets. While there's a number of different growing techniques that can be considered, we've found that providing a stress-free environment for the crickets works best.

Just like stress can harm humans, the same can be said about crickets. Crickets prefer a quiet stress free environment and when that's disturbed, it can be tragic to the cricket's development. In order to provide the highest quality of crickets, the growing environment has to be without stress.

  • If crickets are too hot or cold, they stress
  • If you have too many crickets in the brooder, they stress
  • If crickets don' have enough food and water they stress
  • If the crickets feel a threat, they stress
  • If they live with parasites, they stress.

 The healthiest crickets come from cricket growers that have a great growing environment. It's a proven fact. Most of us rely on crickets for our pets. Sure, you can buy from any cricket source, and you may even get a goof batch of feeder crickets. However, what happens if that cricket source isn't so reputable? You would never risk your pet's life, right?

When you buy crickets from any source, always make sure you to ask if they got rid of the beetles and worms from their cricket farm.  These insects can cause a lot of issues with your pets. Such insects are naturally attracted to crickets and they can bring disease (which transfers to you pets).  A very common pest found in cricket farms is the black "Wooley worm" (or Black Larva Beetle).  The Wooley Worm feeds off the cricket and can eventually overtake the farm.  They pose the greatest challenge and threat to cricket farmers

At Cheap Feeder Crickets, we know and understand that you want high quality feeder crickets at an affordable price and we deliver them time and time again. Our experience and techniques make us one of the few cricket growers in the United States that can provide disease free crickets in bulk.                                                                                                                                                           

Growing Quality Crickets

To grow crickets successfully, you need the proper blend of temperature and humidity.  Crickets breath through their skin (exoskeleton) and if there is not enough humidity they stress and die prematurely.  Too much humidity and they tend to be prone to disease. Having the proper temperature is vital to the success of a healthy cricket.

Crickets love warmer temperatures.  The ideal temperature range is from 80 to 90 degrees. Our cricket growing environment is constantly monitored to ensure stress-free crickets. This is exactly how Cheap Feeder Crickets ensures that you get high quality crickets every time.


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