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Bait Shop Near Me

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Search for the best bait shop near you.  Find lures, worms, and some of the best crickets to help you bring home an impressive crop of fish.

Bait shops may appear to be all the same.  They're buildings that smell like the ocean, with some lures and hooks.  However, there's a method to the madness to discovering the best bait shops in the area.  And that method all depends on the owner.  

Commercialized locations, such as Dick's Sporting goods are commonly recognized as being over priced.  Now, they may have a good supply and product selection.  But if you've been planning this trip for a few months, then there's no reason you should be pinching at the last minute for these out of town lures. 

But a good bait shop near you must have some essential fishing supplies.  

Fish Rods

A good fishing rod all depends on what type of fish you're fishing for.  And the bait shop near me should have a fishing rod for the specific type of fishing.  If you're visiting Lake Smellycrotch, then there's no need to find a bait shop with sea fishing rods, or surf rods.  

So when looking for your bait store, make sure you're well aware of what type of fishing you plan on doing.  Because that'll determine what type of equipment you might need in a pinch.

Fishing Reels 

Same thing with the fishing rods.  You'll need to know where you're fishing and what you're fishing for before you know what type of fishing reels you'll need.  If you're fresh water fishing, then there's no need for an off shore reel.  So keep it at home and look for a spinning or baitcasting reel.

Best Fish Finder

Tracking down the best fish finder is a pointless activity if you only plan on fishing from a bank.  However, if you're going kayaking with some friends, or jumping aboard, then grabbing a fish finder will be ideal.  But fish finders can vary in performance.  And the type of performance you're looking for will depend on what type of fish you're looking for.  So make sure to read the tech data sheets before making your fish finder selection.


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