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Supplement Your Feeding Schedule With Super Worms

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Super worms have proven to be one of the best supplemental meals to offer any pet.  But be cautious, because you don't want your pet to be exclusively dieting on super worms.  So when you find super worms for sale, you should bookmark that page.  But just don't rely on them as your only food source.

Firstly, superworms are a great supplement to any bearded dragon's diet, or any leopard gecko's diet.  And one of the biggest reasons is that they are full of protein.  Protein is a majof building block for any pet.  And it's vital to sustain a healthy, growing body.  So one of the best benefits that superworms will offer is the amount of protein they have.

Another benefit is the amount of fiber they pack.  Fiber is an important mineral that assists with our digestion.  And when you're consuming a diet in a lot of protein, it's a good idea to get fiber.  Too much protein can cause kidney stones, and other digestion problems.  Which is why superworms are great, because all the protein the provide is complimented with the additional fiber.  Which will help keep their digestive tracks lean and clean. 

And one of the other benefits is their fat content.  Superworms have a lot of fat.  That fat is great for parenting reptiles, who need the extra fat reserves to help raise the offspring.  Or, if they are pregnant with more offspring, that extra fat will help them handle birth a lot better.

But Superworms Aren't Always Good For Pets

However, although that fat can come in handy when child rearing, it's not very good for anything else.  Too much fat can cause your pet to get slow and lethargic.  And when they start to become inactive, that's when they increase their chances of undergoing cardio vascular problems such as heart disease.  So this is one of the major reasons to limit the amount of superworms you're offering your pet in their diet.  

But one of the largest reasons your don't want to put your pet on a superworm-only diet is because their calcium-to-phosphorus levels are way too low.  

Phosphorus is an important nutrient to have in your diet.  It can manager your calcium intake, and it helps with bone development, and bowl movement.  However, if there isn't enough calcium to regulate the phosphorus, then there's a chance that your pet could suffer from some type of cardio vascular disease.

So if you plan on providing superworms to your pet, it's a good idea to sprinkle the super worms with some calcium dust prior to feeding them.  Or, you can try to guy load your superworms with some high calcium diets, so that the calcium is already in the gut of the superworms. 

But overall, superworms are an excellent supplemental food source.  But they will not do well for your pet if it's the only food source.  So just like with everything, make sure you keep their superworm intake in moderation.


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