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How to Compost with Worms using the Worm Factory 360

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Experience the Easiest Vermicomposting with the Worm Factory 360

Vermicomposting seems to be all the rage right now, and for good reason. The ability to turn home waste into high-quality casting-enriched compost is a wonderful addition to any home. This nutritious soil can make a fantastic addition to your garden but constructing your own vermicomposting unit can take valuable time and know-how that not everyone possesses.

Enter the Worm Factory 360, which makes the whole process amazingly simple even for the most inexperienced person. What could be easier than adding trash and worms to a ready-built unit?

The Design

The design of the unit really is quite simple, there’s a number of trays, an opening top to dump the trash in, and… and really that’s it. The beauty of this design comes from its simplicity of use.

The worms will take about three months to completely turn the first tray into valuable castings which you can utilize in your garden. The best part of this design is that the worms will automatically migrate to the next tray once they’ve recycled all of the waste at the bottom which means you can pull the tray and remove the castings without having to dig through the trash, unlike most home-built designs.

The vermicomposting should be able to be kept going year round in non-extreme climates as well, so there won’t be any dormant months where you’re forced to wait. The design holds temperature remarkably well, but those in extreme climates may need to figure out an additional system to keep things in a more normal range of temperature.

The ability to cycle the trays as they come through is the main draw of this unit though. It adds a level of convenience that simply isn’t possible with most systems that you can build yourself.

It offers a great amount of utility while only utilizing a small footprint, which also saves you space. There’s a lot to love in the design of the Worm Factory 360, and soon you’ll be producing castings with amazing ease.

Getting Started

The Worm Factory 360 is quite simple to assemble. There’s only one step to follow, and then you’ll be up and running as soon as you add your worms and trash. You’ll probably want to start with about a pound of worms and a few pounds of organic trash.

You can’t dump just anything in here, after all, it isn’t a garbage disposal, but as long as you avoid meats, dairy, and acidic fruits like citrus you’ll be able to turn vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, and more into valuable, high-quality plant food.

Worms can eat about half their mass each day, so try to match things up here. You’ll find that they’re remarkably hardy, so there’s no need to panic if you don’t have extra food for the day. Even if you’re going on vacation for a week or two you can just make sure to add a larger amount for a few days leading up and come home to smooth and nutritious compost.

The ideal temperature to keep the worms active and healthy is pretty broad, ranging from 55°F to 80°F. You can vary a little bit either way, but if you can keep this odorless unit in those ranges you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits much quicker and your worms will be healthy.

If you’re properly feeding the worms, the whole affair should be pretty minimalist. The colony shouldn’t outgrow the food supply and should be able to quickly breed to make sure there’s an optimal number for their conditions without increasing too rapidly.

So Why Not Get One?

Vermicomposting is an amazing process, in addition to being useful to any home gardener it also prevents some waste from reaching our landfills. It’s green, it’s useful, and with a device like the Worm Factory 360 at your fingertips, there’s no real excuse not to begin. The castings will improve your garden easily, and you can rest easy knowing you’re doing just a bit more for the planet. With a bargain priced vermicomposting unit like this one readily available on the market, you won’t even have to build anything to get started. One simple purchase is all it will take to get started on enriching your garden, and maybe even doing just a little bit more to help the planet as a whole.


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