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08 Dec '15

Where is the Best Place To Buy Live Crickets Online? - The Critter Depot

Buying crickets, superworms, or black soldier fly larvae can be challenging.  Not because they're difficult to find, but because there are so many insect breeders.  So the question remains, "where is the best place to buy live crickets online?"

And we're definitely biased.  Because The Critter Depot is the best place to find crickets for sale.  We offer live delivery guarantee, as well as properly raised, and well fed crickets and superworms.  

And even though we'd prefer you to order all your baby crickets from us, it's still not as important as finding the best feeders for your beloved pets.  And by purchasing live feeders online, you can boost the quality of life for your pets with something more advantageous.  (And here's a quick link in case you're on the hunt for worm castings).

Obviously, this boost accelerates good health, providing your bearded dragon or leopard gecko pet with sufficient health benefits that allow them to play around, as opposed to being seduced by lethargy and boredom. This sort of nourishing will fulfill the predator-prey impulses in your bearded dragons.

But aside from that never-ending rambling of benefits, here are 6 key tenants on what to look for when buying crickets online:

1. The supplier needs to guarantee live delivery. There are many things that can go wrong during shipment that are out of control for the customer. Packages can be left on hot or cold freight docks, handlers could mishandle the package, or the package could end up at the wrong location. There is an inherent risk shipping live products online. So it should be noted that your cricket supplier should guarantee live delivery. 

2. The Critter Depot only ships healthy worms and crickets. Any cricket supplier that you purchase your crickets from, should guarantee the health of your crickets, and that they are parasite free. Infected crickets can infect the pets that eat them.

3. We also provide clean water for our crickets. Tainted or polluted water can cause severe damage to the crickets, making them sick, and weakening them. Which ultimately impairs the benefits they should provide for your bearded dragon or leopard gecko.

4. Cricket and worm farmers need to raise crickets and worms with the appropriate dampness and temperature. The healthiest critters will be raised in the appropriate environment that caters to their needs.

5. The Critter Depot guarantees that its crickets and worms are parasite free. These health sanctions are federally unregulated, so it is important to find a supplier that takes the appropriate measures to raise healthy crickets and worms.

6. Shipping the live product has its hurdles to overcome. The Critter Depot packages its live crickets and worms with enough insulation to protect them from the heat and cold climates. Additionally, we strategically ship on specific days, to prevent the live product from getting stuck on a dock over the weekend. Not alot of live product suppliers do this.

The Critter Depot's key to successful transactions is the effort it puts into it's live delivery. And because we take the precautionary measures in our live product market place, we can service our customers with realistic expectations of satisfaction.

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